Business Solutions to Visualize, Create & Implement

VCI Strategies LLC is dedicated to reinforcing and equipping existing business owners and potential young entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge to reach their goals of establishing and maintaining sustainable businesses that will increase or exceed their economic base in growth measurements. VCI Strategies LLC offers its expertise introducing and reinforcing the business tools available through clear direction and tapping into available resources that will lead to excellence in business practices and measurable outcomes.

VCI Strategies LLC will strengthen the fabric of our region’s economy by equipping today’s youth with tools that build self-esteem, confidence and show the correlation between business applications and related life tools integration.

VCI Strategies LLC focuses on preparing primary and secondary level students with basic and intrinsic financial preparedness through education programs targeted to each group level.

Through its “VCI Victory Program,” VCI Strategies LLC facilitates access to guest speakers from a variety of industry entrepreneurs, corporate executives and managers. Students learn firsthand the professional skills needed to be successful.

The geographical area serviced by VCI Strategies LLC is Southwest Ohio, inclusive of Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.

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